Glass Domes Shadow Boxes

Glass Domes with light to let you admire our designs at 360°

Thanks to their particular shape, glass domes let us create even more tridimensional and unique paper stories, just like real dioramas.

In fact, the papercut designs that we make for glass domes are not flat anymore. We adapt them to fit into their dome and study the design to fill the whole circumference. This makes it even more complicated to make and many tries are needed before making it perfect.

The LED light is placed in the middle of the papercut design and, unlike regular shadow boxes, this light works with batteries.

The result speaks by itself: you'll be able to see more details as you rotate your glass dome.

100% handcut Glass Domes, 100% MADE IN ITALY

Winter Village


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Winter Village Glass Dome side 3