Book Shadow Boxes

Real books carved and transformed into shadow boxes

Classic wooden frames were not enough.

We wanted to put ourselves to the test and give life to an idea that was in our mind: turning a real book into a frame for our papercut designs!

Here they are.

We glue and carve the book's pages so we can obtain a box/frame.

We then cut different layers of cardstock to form the 3D design (the number of layers depends on the book's depth) and place it inside the book with a protective plexiglas on it.

In the end, we finish it all with an LED strip that can be turned on with its power supply.

Each papercut design represents the story of the book that holds it.

This makes them even more unique and unrepeatable.

We hope to make you live your favorite novels once more, in the form of elegant shadow boxes.

100% handcut Books, 100% MADE IN ITALY

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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