Christmas Balls with Light

Elegant Christmas Balls with a Lights & Silhouettes touch

The Holiday season fits perfectly with our project and guess what? It's our favorite time of the year!

For this reason we wanted to invent something even more special.

So, after lots of tries and study, we gave life to our unique Christmas Balls with 3D papercut design and light.

Each one of them is composed of an 8cm transparent plexiglas ball with the back painted by us in white.

We then place the papercut design in it, which is composed of 3-4 layers just like our classic shadow boxes.

A battery LED light is also placed inside. It's available in warm white still light or colored intermittent light.

We can make Christmas Balls with custom themes and sizes.

Here are some examples.

100% handcut Christmas Balls, 100% MADE IN ITALY

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Papercut Christmas ball with light

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